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Welcome to 5280 Toy Rat Terriers.
As a current Board member for National Rat Terrier Association

and District Vice President representing the West area,

I abide by the code of ethics set by the NRTA and IDR.
I am the President for IDR, International Dog Registry
I guarantee and stand behind all the dogs that I sell, references available.
Our puppies come to YOU TRAINED
We specialize in smaller full size dogs of the finest lineages.
We breed for variety of colors and patterns.
Please contact me with any questions you have, I am available to answer your questions.
Jennifer Mason 303-955-7876

We Breed Brindle


We are proud to announce we embarked on breeding Brindle in color 6 years ago.

We have accomplished just that. Today we produce Brindle in Toys/Teacups/AHT.

In Blues Chocolates , and at this time we are working on bb/dd or the gene otherwise known

as Pearl. For more information on our Brindle breeding program , call us at 303-955-7876

We breed Merle


While many breeders are discouraging against breeding this gene, we

as want a client to be informed. There is nothing lethal with one merle parent.

While breeding two merle parents is lethal we do ask you steer clear from any breeder breeding

puppies in this manner, as it can cause deafness and blindness in your beloved puppy.

Contact us with any questions 303-955-7876

Available Puppies


Although we do not normally have puppies available for adoption. We do have a wait-list option.

If you are interested in a puppy from an upcoming litter we recommend highly recommend this, as pour puppies

do adopt out very quickly.  You can be the wait-list as long as you like, until your puppy is born.

Please call for more options, we work with you in any way we can.  303-955-7876


Gurantee Like No Other


Our Guarantee covers what you worry about most, your dogs health.

We are here to breed the highest quality pets, and take pride in what we do.

We offer the best Guarantee in the industry because we have a commitment to

our breeding program, choices in our breeding dogs, and you our client.

Call with any questions 303-955-7876