How To Interview Your Breeder Well

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How To Interview Your Breeder Well

A few good questions to ask any/all breeders you are considering

1. Interview your breeder well

Ask lots of questions, we want you to be comfortable asking questions,
after all you are adopting a new baby.
New baby’s do come with LOTS of questions,

we are here to answer all of them.
We want you to know you can call us for any reason day,

night or anytime,
just to inquire about your little one or otherwise,
after all we are the ones imprinting your precious one for this time,
we know how important that is, and take our time with your little ones very seriously.

This will mean a-lot to you in the long run as a puppy owner,

call us anytime.
Honestly, we mean it.

2.  Knowledge in the breed?  

History of this breed can be misleading.
I have often found research takes time, and learning,
and either it is something you want to do,
and it is interesting to you,

or , is just isn’t.

 There is so much history in this breed ,

coming down from the larger Rat Terrier.

To create the Toy Rat Terrier,
it really is quite fascinating, it all takes time to learn .

Ask all the questions, you want to learn all you can in this area,
there is much here to be discovered.
Every Toy Rat terrier lineage has smaller lineage,

do not be mislead,
do you research and know

how the dogs were bred down,
they would not be smaller ,

unless they were bred down with something smaller,
what were your lines bred down with?
There were only a few approved breeds do you know your breeder well?
Do they know their lineage? Be informed.

Know your dogs history,
is has everything to do with your puppy’s future health.

Knowing your lineage, has everything to do with the future health of your puppy.
Did your breeder have PLL in the lineage? Allopecia?
These are all issues you want to discuss with your
breeder prior to purchasing a puppy.
The most important decision you can make is the decision about a breeder.
Puppies are adorable and cute, however if the life expectancy of your puppy is only 5 years
because of your puppy’s lineage it would be worth knowing prior to falling in love  right?
Many breeders test, and breed affected dogs, read more on the PLL page.
You as a buyer need to be INFORMED.
PLL is not your only concern, do your research,

talk to your VET remember when we depended on
people with an education?
There are many great breeders , know who they are.

If they sit on a Board ,
National Rat Terrier Association,
is one of them, there are a few reputable ones out there.
When working with a breeder whom sits on a board,
is you do purchase a sick puppy, or a breeder will not refund a deposit and your contract
stipulates they should ( believe me, it happens) ,

a board will help you if the breeder sits
on a Board.
For example NRTA, UKCI, CKC, etc..

not a club these are different, or a moderator of a Facebook page

3.  Knowledge in  lineage breeding goals

Our knowledge in our lineage is extensive.
Breeding at all can not be accomplished without knowledge

of where your dogs came from,
who they originated out of and what those dogs may ,

or may not have carried for.

I have emailed, spoken  with every breeder who had lines related to my dogs.

Why? To gain knowledge of my lines,

how large were the dogs in the backgrounds,
what were the colors, patterns further back?
How did they whelp? For this reason ,

I have extensive knowledge on my lines.

My breeding goals consist of raising  puppies

that are of the most gentle temperament first and foremost.

Second , unique , pattern breeding is just coming back and is gaining popularity,
it is beautiful and can never be duplicated , each pattern appears different.

Third  conformation, why is this not first, well I will tell you.

Why is one person short, and another tall?

I feel conformation is opinion  issue,

yes we breed for breed conformation ,
not to be confused with making sure every puppy is perfect,

I do not believe any breeder can do that,
we certainly can not,

and not love any one less than any other because of how it looks.

All of our dogs meet breed standard,

would they win in the show ring? In who’s opinion?
We do not breed for opinion or show ring quality,

and opinion really is up to you, not us.

We are breeding for temperament and health,

if you feel they are beautiful,
then we really scored, we already think they are beautiful,

then again, it’s just an opinion, right.

4. We strive to be friendly.
And promptly return your calls / emails?

Your call/ email is very important to us.
We will usually be available to answer your call,

if not we will promptly return your call  usually within a few hours.

Please feel free to call my cell as well. (303-905-7717)

You are not interrupting me.

Your call is very important to me.

We strive to put you the client first.

5. We are professional,
we want you to feel comfortable asking questions ,

and you have a good rapport with us.

We want you to have a  good rapport with us,

and feel comfortable why do business with someone you do not?

I  keep in touch with all my puppy parents after my puppies have gone home,
if you are not comfortable with me,

why would you send me pictures, I do want pictures and updates. 

6. We have credentials.

I hold positions on two Boards

and have a  commitment to maintaining the breed.

Breeders have to earn respect in the breeding community,

by their peers ,
gain recommendations and referrals

in order to sit or be recommended for a position on any type of Board.

Currently  I hold positions on two

National Rat Terrier Association

International Dog Registry 

These are all importation questions to ask a breeder, and to ask

5280 Toy Rat Terriers

Jennifer Rhodes