What Is a Teacup Rat Terrier? Tiny Tot Rat Terrier?

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Tiny Tot/teacup- is under 5lbs mature



our Tiny Tots/teacups range from 2-5 lbs mature


the word Tiny Tot was created back in the early 80’s

by NRTA to describe the size being under 5lbs mature




Since Teacup had been used in the past Margaret Burz,


felt is best to use a different name. 

And  name Tiny Tot was then then born. 

Teacup- is the the word used to describe a dogs mature weight being 4lbs and under


Teacups- These little dogs have been around since the 1800’s


Breeding and History of Teacup Dogs or Teacup Puppies
Breeding exclusively for appearance only was  introduced in the 19th Century.
Before this time dogs and puppies were bred to increase useful abilities and traits helpful for the duties they were intended for.
Toy Group dogs (Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies) had limited duties
which included the following tasks were were specifically utilized in Oriental and European Courts by royalty and the nobility: 



  • Warmth – A tea cup dog’s temperature is between 100.2-102.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Warmth – toy, or Teacup, dogs sat on laps (hence the term ‘lapdogs’)

  • Warmth – toy, or Teacup, dogs warmed beds in cold castles and palaces

  • Tea cup dogs and Tea Cup Puppies were valued for Companionship

  • Toy, or Teacup Dogs and Teacup Puppies, were viewed as Status symbols

With the advent of central heating the warming duties of Toy, or Teacup dogs and Puppies,
have diminished but they are still greatly
valued as companions and by some folk as status symbol

Life Expectancy- can be 15-18 years , as for any  breed the happier the dog the longer they can live.

See the term Teacup or Tiny Tot, are just that , adjectives we use to describe size, nothing else.

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