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We specialize in

Toy Rat Terriers


Teacup Rat Terriers

a Tiny Tot/teacup- is under 5lbs mature

our Tiny Tots/ teacups range from 1.9lbs-5 lbs mature

Toy Rat Terriers are 5-10lbs Mature

we breed merle and brindle toy rat terriers
and tiny tot rat terriers in a variety of colors and patterns 

Our puppies come to YOU

TRAINED, yes trained

We carefully  plan each one of our litters,

and are limited on the amount of

litters we produce per year.

We price  teacup / toy rat terrier puppies
based on size and color,
unique color and tiny size being the most sought after traits.

We breed for “A” type , tall leg toy rat terriers, we will have the occasional
throw back from our lineage of a “B” , short leg , now and then.


We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Jennifer Rhodes


    5280 Toy Rat


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