Deposit Procedure

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Deposit Wait List Procedure

We carefully  plan each one of our litters,
and are limited on the amount of

litters we produce per year.

There may only be one person one the wait list,
they may be waiting for a black puppy 2 lbs with blue eyes,

it may be a while.
However they do have 1 st pick, call to check, first.
You never know who is waiting for what. or how long.

To get on the Deposit/Waiting list,
you will need to fill out one of the puppy

and mail or pay by credit, a deposit.

(we can  mail or fax copy of the contract.)
We are able to take and invoice you with our merchant account.

The toy rat terrier puppies available are shown
on the Available Puppies page
Many clients have been on the wait list and made payments
until their desired puppy i.e. size , color, sex is born,
to ensure their puppy was paid in full at the time it was born.
Yes , you can make payments.

We evaluate   tiny tot / toy rat terrier puppies  based on size and color,
unique color and tiny being the most sought after traits.



We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
Jennifer Rhodes



 All deposits/ payments are non-refundable,

please make your decision carefully.