Letters of References from Clients

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Letters of References from Clients


Kathy Fox Looks great! My little Ebee is still under 3 pounds. We just celebrated her birthday. Jennifer, you are so awesome!

Thank you for providing my family with the best toy rat terrier in the world and always being there when I have questions.

Little Ebee, isn’t she so cute!!!! She has the cutest clothes

Kathy Fox

Anne Marie Fierst- posted
I must once again thank Jennifer Mason and 5280 Toy Rat Terriers for my Isabella, now one year old. I am constantly getting compliments about how beautiful and graceful she is! She is the most loyal, loving, and playful dog I’ve ever had. I love watching her race around the yard with her gorgeous long legs! So entertaining! And although I normally rescue dogs (I have three rescues), I strongly endorse 5280 Toy Rat Terriers! Top-quality pups!



Hey from the kirkpatricks

Just thought id drop a line… are little ryder room man has grown into a nice little ham lol….
hes got personality that’s for sure… just wanted to hope everyone a good yr..

and to let you know how much we enjoy and love the little guy…
he has fit so well into the family that is amazing.. i was worried at first about the cats and him an now

there best friends and play pals ..
funniest thing ull ever see…best decision to get him ever…
he fetches now and lol he pouts cutest darn thing ull ever see he sicks his bottom lip out and jsut looks at you wen he wants something …

i cave right away so cute …

thank you and hope your family the best…
from Sheryl Nora and Ryder Kirkpatrick
Parents to Ryder Roo


Phil and Karen- Parents to Harlie

I guess Karen and I are suckers.
He likes to sleep in the bed versus pinned up in the bathroom.

Harlie has become a confident member of the family that seems to be outside potty training rapidly.
No mistakes inside, thanks to his training.

He likes to play tug, ball if you don’t throw it too far and he explore.He doesn’t eat as much ad I thought he would but he’s a casual eater in my opinion.Call or write anytime.

2017 pic

Marie-Mom to Sophie

Sophie did very well last night! She whined a little a few minutes into the drive but once the car got really toasty she was quiet the whole way.   
She enjoys prancing around our living room and poking her little head into the first dark spot she finds on someone's lap to take naps.  
She doesn't particularly enjoy being in her playpen by herself but seems to be getting the hint that this is her time to eat and drink   
and once she goes to the bathroom she gets to come out. She does the cutest little howl to try to get us to get her out, adorable!   
She did well overnight, only whined for a little when the lights went out and a few times through the night but mostly she slept and she used her litter box several times.  
Overall, things are going pretty well! We'll send pictures.

Thank You!



Ginny and Lynn  / Parents to  Reno 


Please feel free to share this with anyone considering one of your puppies. Let them know they can call us, too. We are fans for life! I will be sending you updated photos as soon as

I get either a new camera or get mine fixed. He is so beautiful. His markings are really unique. The brindle shows up in various ways. Hope you’re doing well.

After we lost our beautiful rat terrier, Coco in March of 2010, I was determined to find another ratty. This time I wanted to make sure we had a reputable breeder and knew the lineage of our puppy. I visited and emailed several breeders.

After an extensive search, we found 5280 Toy Rat Terriers. We looked at the website and compared Jennifer’s puppies to many other breeders. We were so impressed by the site,

we contacted her directly. We filled out the application and hoped we would be able to bring a new baby home with us. Jennifer knows so much about the breed and is so adamant

about the quality of her dogs, we knew it was the right decision. We interviewed each other and felt very confident this was where our new family member would come from.

We went to Denver right after 2 litters had been born. We saw them at 2 and 3 days old…adorable! We also met her other dogs and saw where all the puppies live (in her home).

She was completely open with us. We couldn’t decide right away, but had a reserve on 2 different females. We went back to Iowa feeling confident we had made the right choice.

Many weeks and even more phone calls later, we were back in Denver to pick up our little girl. We had seen pictures and videos of the litters as they grew and we both were having a tough time

deciding which one we would bring home. We arrived in Denver to make our final pick and leave something with our scent. After nearly 2 hours (Jennifer and her family were very patient)

we decided on the beautiful little male from Brinley’s litter! We were all surprised, but his sweet little personality won us over. 5 days later, we drove back to Denver from Pikes Peak

area where we had been vacationing, to take our little Denver Reno (a.k.a. Deno) home to Iowa.

The trip home was so easy. We had a litter box for him, which he used right away. He even stopped playing to go potty! (Iowa winters are brutal,

so not having to take him outside is a blessing.) We were amazed and immediately in love with our little man. He is everything we hoped for and more.

Ratties are such loving little dogs and he is no exception. As I write this, he is sitting on my lap just as calm as could be. He loves to play and run like the wind.

He is a good eater and has grown into a lovely animal. Deno is very strong and brave (he doesn’t know he’s only 5 1/2 lbs.) My husband and I are so grateful to Jennifer and

her caring way of breeding and raising these wonderful, intelligent little dogs. Deno has filled the hole in our hearts left by the loss of our Coco.

Ginny Showman                                                                                                              Deno

Hope you’re doing well. We are anxiously awaiting my son’s wedding on July 9! So exciting and very emotional, too.
He is marrying the best girl in the world, so we’re all so happy about that. Just hard to let my buddy go…
Anyway, wanted to let you know how our little man, Deno is doing. He is, of course, still adorable as ever.
He is just such a good little dog, and I know a lot of that is due to you. He doesn’t jump at loud noises, he is great on walks, very social and he LOVES his baths.
Last night Lyn put Deno in the sink for a bath. He sat there quietly while the water warmed up and then cooperated so well while Lyn was soaping him up
(with organic natural shampoo, of course!) When it came time to rinse off, he let Lyn shower him with the warm water – even his face! He is so trusting of us.
Deno now has a bed in just about every room in the house. When he’s tired, he just goes to bed. And we can leave him out all night. He will sleep until morning wherever he lands.
Sometimes he’s back in his crate, sometimes in the living room, sometimes in the spare bedroom. Funny though, we leave our bedroom door open and he won’t come in there
until he hears us getting up in the morning. He’s just the best!
You will appreciate this, too. Our best friends just bought a lake home about an hour away. They want us to come visit as often as we can and they officially invited
Deno because they know we won’t come without him! He’s a very good traveler and thinks that if the car door is open, that means he’s going for a ride and jumps right in.
Oh, and when we get the leash out, he will run to the door and sit there waiting for us to put it on for our walk. He still thinks he’s a big dog and has to protect us,
but he’s getting better about letting people come to our house. When we’re out walking or at the farmers market, he never barks at the other dogs.
He’s just curious about them. Most big dogs don’t even notice him, though!
He will be going with us for the wedding weekend, since it’s about an hour and a half away. We’ve rented a beautiful lodge for my family & friends to all stay together,
so of course our little guy has to be there, too. We just decided we couldn’t send him to a kennel. He needs to be with our family and since he’s so good, it won’t be any bother at all.
I have done lots of research on diets and for the last few months it’s been about 50/50 of Grandma Lucy’s and raw food. We have gradually transitioned him to
almost all raw food since he turned a year. He has Grandma Lucy’s mixed with organic raw meat in the morning and then strictly raw for lunch and supper.
I found it on the web and it’s full of vitamins and nutrients. I’m not brave enough to try to concoct it myself. He likes chicken & duck the best.
He’s doing extremely well and his muscle definition is excellent. Our vet is very impressed with how healty he is. She says he’s a small dog in a big dog’s body and bone structure.
Like you say, they are small, not fragile.
Well, just wanted to let you know how he’s doing. I know you like to keep up on all your babies. He really is such a joy and we love him more than I can say.
Take care…Ginny

Hi Jennifer,    6/30/11

Jenni- Mom to Tiny Taylor
Taylor 1 year old Princess!!!

Linda – Mom to GiGi  / Update her daughter owns Zorro

Hi Jennifer:

    I wasn’t sure if you received my texts/pictures today.
So, I’m forwarding the photos as well.  We’ve name our baby “GiGi.”  Check out her little bed.



Danelle- Mom to Addison and Captain
Hi there! It’s Danelle. Just wondering if there was any word on Paris going into heat.
Addison has warmed up to everyone SO WELL. She jumps around and plays with the other dogs.

She’s so goofy, she loves to jump and roll around.



Michelle /    Mom to    Jewel and Bandit

I just wanted to let you know how great you have been from the initial phone call when I inquired about a Toy Rat Terrier until the day I picked her up and took her home.

The decision to purchase a puppy from you was a great choice. I could tell the minute I first spoke to you. I was also extremely impressed by the way you puppies were cared for and trained.
Jewel was already litter trained when I brought her home as well as crate trained, although she is a little princess and thinks a crate is a lovely place to sit upon.
She had an easy time assimilating into our home with our other dog, Maverick as well. You are so knowledgeable and professional and were able to answer all my questions and were even available after I brought her home.
I am so looking forward to another one of your puppies. My kids love her and are also very excited about  adding another 5280 puppy to our family. Thanks again for everything,
I will never buy a puppy from anyone else again and highly recommend your kennel to anyone who is interested in a terrific toy breed!!!! I will send you some updated photos of our princess soon.
Michelle W.

Bandit has one blue eye   

Bandit                                                                 Jewell                                                 Jewell / Maverick


Rene- Mom to Samson and Lily ( Dahlia)

Jen, 7/28/2009

It was great talking to you!  Samson is doing great!   He is SO GOOD with my niece and nephew! 
  You can tell he loves kids!   They are very very gentle with him!  I got him an exer-pen and it is set up at my parents' house now.   He is in it in his crate sleeping.  :)  

  Rene's Mom ,  Bea own's 2 of our dogs also ,  Ryder and  Piper 

Hi Jennifer,

It has been a while since we last communicated but on this day, Bella’s 4th birthday, I am compelled to write to continue thanking you for your breeding integrity.  I consider myself blessed to have made your acquaintance and that you bred one of the most sweetest dogs in the world!  I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am that she is in my life!

I hope all is going well for you and wish you peace, joy and love.

Your very truly,

Sent from my iPad

Sandra  /   Mom to Bella Valentina

I love your new website!  Those puppies are sooooooo cute!   Bella and I are doing wonderful.  I can't believe she will be 3 in May!   I hope all Is well with you and your family,   Sandra and Bella   Sent from my iPad

Hi Jennifer –

Tomorrow will be one year since I flew out to Denver to pick up Bella Valentina!!  A day I will always cherish as it was the day the most wonderful thing happened in my life – Bella.  I can’t thank you enough for such a dear, sweet and loving bundle of joy.  Bella has captured many hearts!  As you know she goes to work with me four days a week and day care one day.  When she doesn’t come to work the whole office is miserable!!  She makes everyones day brighter!  I have noticed on weeks that I am unable to bring her to the office she too seems down in the dumps.

I know that all the love and attention Bella receives has helped her develop into the dog that she is—too cute.  I also know that your breeding provided the core for her to develop as well as she has.  Her temperament and personality began with her breeding which allowed her to develop into the sweetheart that she is.

I could go on and on about how happy I am that Bella is in my life but I think you get it.  I would and do recommend you as a breeder and will continue.

Thank you again,

Hi Jennifer:

I just wanted to let you know what a great joy Bella is for me and my family.  I couldn’t be happier.  She has really stuck to her litter training which impresses everyone.  She has adapted well to her new home.

                                                                                                        Bella’s Puppy Shower
Thank you for the beautiful pup!


Bella’s Doggie Closet





Veronica / Mom to Vega$
Good morning Jennifer
enjoy Vega$pix
let me know when you receive my email 
she is too adorable
i thank my personal assistant in finding you
you are a caring breeder, thank you


Veronika  and Vega$

Allyson  / Mom to Wink

Here’s Wink. We love him. Jennifer is so sweet and knowledgeable and loves all these little puppies.
I think that is so great how she cares about each of them individually.
Wink has been such a special part of our lives we lost our family dog last summer
and Wink has certainly been a wonderful blessing to our family.
I honestly believe since he was brought up in an environment of love in Jennifer and her families home
it is why he’s such a sweet baby!
Thank you.
Take Care.

wink                                                                                        wink                                       wink and Allyson







Cynthia  and Brad /  Parents  to Ashton  and Bailey and Smudge

Hi Jennifer,
Just to let you know how happy Adelle and Cynthia are with Bailey – she is one sweet puppy!
Bailey is great therapy for Adelle right now.
Thought I would let you know….


Hey Jennifer,

I didn’t want to bother you with another call.  I thought you’d like to know how Ashton is doing.  We had a great first night!
We set up his pen like you had yours set up.  He saw his litter box, jumped in, rolled around and pooped.
We used the blanket in his kennel (cage/crate) and covered it with another blanket.  We had good play time in the back patio with our other dog Max.
They are still sniffing each other out.  He went to sleep easily and we never heard a peep from him all night.
This morning there were no accidents anywhere.  Couldn’t ask for a better first night with a puppy.  Right now he’s napping.


Thanks so much,


Irene /   Mom to Hercules


Thank you so much for the time and care you and your family put into breeding these dogs.
Not only did you do the bare minimum, but it seems you went above and beyond what most breeders would be required to do
in terms of training, health, cleanliness, and more. Hercules has an excellent temperament and he is great
around my 8 year old child and other pets.

I am really happy with the services you provided. Having a dog mostly crate and litter box trained made
it very easy for everyone to adapt. He also adapted to leash training very quickly. We thank you for allowing us to visit
with Hercules on occasion, and for being extremely patient when we were not sure which dog to choose.
We know we chose the right pet, and I believe you helped us with that decision.
We also appreciate you assisting with questions and offering lower priced shots in the present and future.
Thanks for everything, and I would highly recommend you as a toy rat terrier breeder.