Tiny Tot / Teacup Care

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Tiny Tot Care

the physical difference between a teacup and

a toy as puppies

Tiny Tot Structure-

Some of our dogs have gone home
to be  best friends with
 Pit Bulls, Mastiffs and German Shepherds. 


Many breeders will not sell Tiny Tots to homes with small children,

I do not base my opinion on

how many children you have or their ages.

I interview each applicant individually,

you qualify based on how well you will care for your new puppy.    

In my opinion , it would be the equivalent of stating you should not have another child,
you already have one,

the one you have could harm the new baby…

HUH  How in the world does that make any sense.
You are not going to let any harm come to your new baby,

nor would you let any harm come to this new baby of yours.

Think of it like this, these are smaller dogs,

their bones are not brittle , just smaller.
Meaning  you would not put them in the same situation

you would a larger breed dog.
You have to take their size into consideration.
They are not fragile, they are  just smaller.

Use common sense.

Be sensible. ANY small dog should be looked after carefully,

just as any small child should.
Most people enjoy the smaller breeds due to the fact

they want something to stay small,
they can carry around and nurture,

much like an infant,

this is definitely not possible with a large breed dog.

Or maybe you want something

you can travel easily with.

Smaller breed dogs will fit under your seat

on the plane and are easier for long flights.


Your dogs bones are not fully formed until they

are about a 1 year old, much like an infant. 


Please feel free to refer to ANY of my previous clients for

information about the sturdiness of  the lines I breed.


 My Veterinarian would welcome your calls as well.

No brittle bones here. Or fragile dogs, MYTH.

 Our dogs are legendary, just ask their owners.

There are brittle lineages ,

I have heard of them and

know of one of my clients who has a niece

with this lineage, buyer beware.

Ask for references, their clientele will be able to answer

the best questions about the vet bills they had to SPEND on their so called 

teacups being so costly, complete myth,

don’t believe everything you read, research, research.







while it can occur, in any small breed dog, 

dogs usually under a mature weight of 5lbs.) Call a vet this can be verified. 

This is the reason we wait to ship a Tiny Tot,

or prefer you pick up your precious cargo. Do your homework.  


It can very easily be prevented.

Any small dog is at risk. Ways to avoid it.
The puppies usually grow out of it,.
Why , they are not as distracted , and will eat when they get hungry,

where as in their younger years they just seem to get distracted and forget.

It rarely does occur, however can. What to look for.

 Stresses that cause it:

Over Handling: Over-handling young puppies and not letting them get enough rest and sleep.

Puppies can get over stimulated, much like a infant.

Give them time outs, to rest and sleep.

This will give them time to eat and drink in peace and quite also.

Stress- If your puppy becomes stressed, it will stop eating or drinking,

situations that can cause this are long plane rides.

For this reason we will not ship Tiny Tots until they are older,

usually between 12-16 weeks of age. Another situation could be an owner leaving for an extended vacation,

do not leave your new puppy with someone it does not know, it could get depressed,

give your puppy time to get acclimated  to its new surroundings before planning a trip.

Cold Temperatures- I know this one sounds simple, however these little ones are tiny,

they love to burrow, their bed should have a blanket, for burrowing.

If they get cold they will cover up. Drafts will cause them to shiver,

causing their core body temp. to drop, causing them to get stressed.

Access to Food/Water- These little ones will need access to food and water all of the time.

Smaller meals more often is the key. Like a diabetic regulation is essential.

Large meals will make it harder to control. If you give small meals ,

with water all the time you are controlling the issue , not setting off the problem.

Have it with you all the time, even on the go. Especially during play time,

they will forget to eat, stop them and remind them, only while they are young,

as they get older , they are not as forgetful.

Teeth-  Small breeds, any size, can retain puppy teeth that need to be removed,

while uncommon this can occur. You pet will need to be seen by your vet to have these removed.

It is a suggestion to have this done at the time of spay/ neuter. Choose a vet you are comfortable with.

If want to know what to look for, call me ,

I have a few tips.

Tiny Tot / Teacup Cost More?–    These little ones have taken generations to breed.

Our lines have 37 years of Tiny Tots in their breeding back ground.
While most litters can only produce 1 0r 2 ours can produce entire litters of Tots.
I tell my clients , Interview your breeder well.   You get what you pay for.
Do you want a smaller pet, or a bigger one.
Many have claimed to have Tiny Tots ,
only to dupe the buyer into a lower priced pet , and a larger puppy.
Remember they are all small when they are puppies.
We breed for both.
Do your Homework here too.
Tiny Tots are much smaller , for much longer as puppies.
We are here to answer ANY questions ,
even if you do not buy a puppy from us.
Feel free to call us.
Deal with a reputable breeder.
If you do not get a warm fuzzy feeling from the breeder now ,
it will not change later. Find a breeder you like,
one you can learn from. Ask lots of questions, lots of questions.

Jennifer Rhodes