Our Foster Program

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Our Foster Program

All of our Fosters are c
ompensated financially
for their time, and the great care they take of their pets.
For this we thank all of our fosters for the extraordinary care you take of  a 5280 pet.

We are able to do this limiting our litters
and giving our pets and puppies

the attention the deserve,

all of our dogs live in homes,
not cages, and are treated as pets,

as we feel every animal deserves.
We  do not over crowd our dogs here.
We only have 4 of our own, the rest of our dogs are fostered,
and have homes of their own,

where they are loved and nurtured daily and constantly.
These dogs are able to be loved and socialized on a daily basis, just as my dogs are ,
and are never in a kennel type situation.

Some choose to own and keep their dogs as pets, and some choose to raise a puppy,
others foster for a short period of time.

Jennifer Rhodes