AKC/Rat Terrier

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What is AKC FSS?/ Registration

FSS- stands for foundation stock service.

The Rat Terrier now Qualifies for full registration

all of the original requirements do apply

size /color


AKC Breed Standard


here is an expert from the page: While the recording of a dog in FSS®

does not guarantee eventual full AKC registration,

it does provide the avenue to compete in the exciting world

of Companion and Performance Events.


    do not be mis-led by what other breeders TELL

you do your own homework, READ the fine print

Here are the two sizes ALLOWED by AKC for registration


MINIATURE – At least 10 inches, not to exceed 13 inches.

 STANDARD – over 13 inches, and up to and including 18 inches in height measured at the withers.

Any dog six months of age or older measuring less than 10 inches,

or any dog over 18 inches are to be disqualified.

  Tots, nor teacups will never fit into this classification,

a few toys will qualify, Very large Toys.

Is it a toy or a mini?  HMMM

5280 will not be participating in the AKC FSS registration,

we proudly raise



none of these sizes currently qualify under current guidelines,

and until guidelines change no dog of this size will qualify.

Who is being honest and who is falsifying documents?

Who just does not care,

just to dupe you the buyer into buying a AKC registered puppy?

The truth about FSS-

any shelter dog can be registered FSS

it only means your NEW FSS dog is now qualified to compete in any Agility competition

AKC offers under the FSS competition.  Let’s shed some light on the subject for you…

Interview your breeder well