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Our Dams

Our dogs are our pets, feel free to visit

and see just how spoiled they really are.


They live indoors, as the breed is an indoor breed.


In the winter they like to snuggle under the blankets ,

this also is common for the breed.


You will find our dogs on a lap or sitting

on the stairs in the sunlight.

We love our toy rat terriers very much

and make every effort to spoil them with attention.

Our pampered pets eat a diet of Precise ,

and Grandma Lucy’s this keeps their coats soft .

Our Dams have an extensive wardrobe with many Coach collars, coats and sweaters.

Coach still sells collars and leashes,

they can be found on the website,

during the holiday season.

Burberry has a line of clothing and collars , as well as Louis Vuitton.

Coach has a line of carriers on occasion


was opened for the specific purpose to

carry a line of small clothing for your pampered pet