Brindle Merle Breeding Program

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Brindle Merle Breeding Program


Introducing our

Brindle/ Merle

Toy Rat Terrier

American Hairless Terrier Breeding Program

breeding program we  are proud to own a toy rat terrier Female for breeding.

We started with a Larger toy female Brinley.

Through a breeding to our stud Ranger we obtained a smaller toy female Bristol,

she is Chocolate Brindle and a carrier for all colors.

Bristol had a litter in 2013 of four puppies

1000493_568154149894238_218977376_n    945950_578845028825150_959213653_n

, 3 were brindle

we were blessed with 2 chocolate one dark, one sable

One blue brindle , and one  Solid Fawn Sable

We kept the Blue brindle for breeding, she is due

Summer of 2014

Her name is 5280 Briley

Briley was bred to a Pearl Merle, hence beginning our brindle/merle litters.


It is possible to see two patterns in one dog appear at the same time

Great Dane breeders have been breeding 

Brindle to Merle for quite some time.


When we breed a dog with  Merle to a dog with brindle it will result in Brindle/ Merle.

Factor in a Tiny Tot or Teacup lineage, it would be the first of it’s kind ever produced.


Jennifer Rhodes