How We Train Your Puppy

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How We Train Your Puppy


Our puppies come to YOU 

TRAINED, yes trained.

I take pride in my business ,
the ability to serve my clients and continue to exceed the expectations
most have about a “DOG BREEDER”
, I do not just  breed, I raise.

I have many references you can refer to.

We offer you such high quality puppies
simply because we are  responsible and knowledgeable in the breed .

Call anytime,  303-955-7876. 
Even if you are not purchasing a puppy,
I will be happy to answer ANY questions you may have. 

  I wanted to exceed the expectation of a breeder
and offer our clients and  puppy’s a head start on the

 issues that are most often overlooked, training.

I am confident you will not find any other Toy Rat Terrier
breeder offering trained puppies, 
or giving you access to a
Dog Trainer, take the time to meet  Julie Small,  our trainer.

See this take time, time I feel you and the puppy both DESERVE.

 We do this to make the transition less stressful on you and your new puppy,
after all it is about the puppy right.

It is very important for the future owners to follow through
with the training in order for the puppy to settle in
and feel more comfortable in it’s new environment. 

The amount of socialization we give the puppies away from the other puppies
and with human touch has everything to do with how well your
new puppy bonds and adjusts to it’s new home.   

Our puppies wine less, if at all and crave human contact more,
so there is less adjustment for them to leave their siblings
I am not breeding dogs for the sake of breeding dogs.

The advantage of working at home raising
Toy Rat Terriers is that I am here to imprint their minds
in these critical first 8 weeks of life.
You can never make up for lack of socialization at this stage
We take each puppy out individually and begin handle and train them from day one.

We feel you deserve a puppy ready to learn and become a part of your family.
We understand the frustration of housebreaking  your new puppy,
so we help you through the first year, teaching you how to housebreak.

We learned through the years , what worked , and what did not.
We have a unique process we teach to you, or walk you through step, by step.
It eases you, and your puppy , and make housebreaking painless.
Very few , if any accidents.
Yes you can still train puppy to go outdoors.
Or litter train either one, the choice is yours.
This process just includes less mess for you and less frustration and confusion for puppy.