Clean Living Puppies

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Clean Living

Puppies who are kept clean in the whelping box or litter box,
are animals that learn how to be clean, and strive to be clean.

It is very difficult to retrain a puppy not kept clean during this time ,
as I am sure many of you have already experienced,
this is one of the most important  imprints, I as a breeder can make on your new puppy, and this is a priority for me.

Ever had a puppy that house soiled? this is why, this imprint was lost,
usually due to a puppy being kept in poor conditions , such as unclean areas,
or closed crate with no other option except for her to crate soil. She then teaches her puppies this.
Unfortunately, often enough there are sick puppies involved as well,
due to the reason they have been walking back and forth through their own feces and urine.
This is the reason I tell my clients , Interview your breeder well.
You do not want a puppy based on price if it just means it lived in conditions such as this , do you?
Once this imprint is lost it can never be regained, unfortunately, I myself have experienced this too from adopted puppies.

So when I decided to breed ,
I decided to never raise a puppy in an environment less than what I would offer to a infant itself.

You see I have very high standards for breeding I stand by,
feel free to stop by anytime and take a look for yourself.