Litter Box Training

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Litter Box Training

Our puppies are litter trained and begin the process the day mom no longer takes care of the process herself,

this usually begins at 3 weeks and puppies are usually fully trained by 5 weeks.
All of my adult females are litter trained as well, teaching puppies, in the whelping box as well.

We do this by giving the puppies a designated place in the whelping box to GO,
they catch on very easily and continue to make this their potty area.

The puppies learn to use it! Puppies begin the process at
about three weeks old and are really trained by about 5 weeks old.
It is just that easy.
They potty as soon as they wake up. This keeps the play pen very sanitary.
And will be the foundation for your new puppy and you.

You will continue this process when you take puppy home, making house training MUCH easier.
We begin to crate train in your home, closing the door at about 5 mths of age,
and at 7 mths of age we can expect a fully house trained  puppy and begin the outdoor transition if so desired.

We send you home with complete instructions

We use Eagle Valley, Advanced Bedding Management 

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