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The amount of socialization we give the puppies away from the other puppies
and with human touch has everything to do with how

well your new puppy bonds and adjusts to it’s new home.
Our puppies wine less, if at all and crave human contact more,

so there is less adjustment for them to leave their siblings.
I am not breeding dogs for the sake of breeding dogs.

The advantage of working at home raising Toy Rat Terriers is that

I am here to imprint their minds in these critical first 8 weeks of life.
You can never make up for lack of socialization at this stage.
We take each puppy out individually and begin handle and train them from day one.
Think of it from another point of view,
a toddler with no social skills would not know how to interact with other toddlers or other animals, hitting and screaming.
Dogs are very much the same way, not taught proper social skills,
they are cowderly and timid at every sound and child and often adults as well.
We often feel sorry for these dogs, but all too often these are the dogs that become fear based biters,
and do not make good pets for anyone.
A good social base for nay pet is a must , and it starts as a puppy,

in the very first days of its tiny little life, here with us.
We want to give your puppy the best start socially we can. Please check out references. 

Our puppies are so very loving and gentle.