Sounds De-sensitizing

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Sounds De-sensitizing

V.A.I.N. Photo Shoot

We will also work on sounds , DE-sentisthsing your puppy to loud, and obtrusive sounds , as well as every day sounds and activities.
We take your puppy for car rides, and teach it to walk over different surfaces.
We also take time to teach your new puppy how to greet at the door.
The extra steps and time involved means puppy will be more adjusted to be part of your family and home environment when they arrive.
See we want puppy to be secure with the vacuum, or the lawn mower,even the snow blower and hairdryer.

The young puppies are constantly playing with small children
and are already gaining the social skills needed to be a well rounded and integral part of your family.

I have a 12 year old and 16 year old,

my 25 year old is on his own and married

we now also have a 6 year old grandson we just welcomed into our family, we just adore him,

the house is not as noisy as is once was.
All boys.
My  children , and neighbors help socialize the puppies and are an integral part of  how very gentle
and kind the puppies grown up to be with children.
My home lately is very busy with my company work and all of our  V.A.I.N.  girls,
they too adore the puppies, your puppy may appear in a photo shoot, or in a V.A.I.N.  print ad, you never know.
They can be seen here.