How big will my Puppy Be?

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How big will my Puppy Be?

This is a frequent question is get from callers.

The answer to this question is easy.


Breeding for Tiny Tots 5 lbs and under is much different from breeding Toys.
C-sections are NOT usual and should not be normal,
Dams with C-sections should not be in a breeding program,
all Dams in our breeding program are what are referred to as free whelpers,
meaning they can deliver puppies free from C-sections.

C-Sections are  not healthy for a breeding Dam to continually undergo this procedure
and can be very stressful for her,
imagine when you or your family member has to have a Cesarean,
it takes time to recover, dogs are no different.
We do not keep ANY Dams in or breeding program with a history of C-sections,
nor do we breed off-spring from Dams with a history of C-sections ,
as they tend to carry their Dams history for the same type of delivery’s.

Essentially the reason for breeding a larger female to a smaller male,
if you have the right LINEAGE, you get the right results, every time.

Many will claim to be able to and many will claim to be able to just throw small in general,
however  you get what you pay for. Ask for PROOF.

My rule  is, and a general rule in teacup breeding is, if you can not go back
AT LEAST 5 generations on one side TINY
you are not going to get anything small or Tiny out of those parents ,
and you just have a runt breeding.

Any breeder can purchase a runt and breed it,
this will not produce the tiny gene,
or give you tiny or small puppies,
you need the tiny tot gene or teacup gene in order to produce tiny tots or smaller puppies.

No breeder can guarantee how big or small your puppy will be full grown,
however any seasoned breeder will KNOW their lines and be
able to offer you some estimate of an idea of what size your puppy will be. 

Visit in person, take a look at their breeding stock.
Take a look at their facilities or home,
this WILL tell you so much about their ethics and how YOUR puppy is raised.

See for yourself YOUR puppy’s living situation.

You would expect no less for a child you wanted to adopt,
would you? Ask for pictures if out of state, and referrals.
Get a good idea of where your puppy is living, and how,
this will be your living breathing pet for the next 12-15 years,
if it is raised in a clean environment now , it will  want to strive to stay in and maintain
itself to be clean.
In other words, it will not urinate and defecate in your home on your carpet,
it will want to keep itself and areas clean, looking for a litter area,
or outside for a potty area , not your home living space.

Interview Your breeder Well

Jennifer Mason