Puppies/Dogs on Consignment

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Dogs on Consignment

After many years of consideration of this endeavor….. and thought… this page goes up

I have VERY few breeders I would recommend , or refer to a client or a potential client.

See to be honest Most breeders out there , not all ,

have some genetic issue in the lineage the wrestle with,

it takes YEARS to cull the lineages to avoid disaster.

If you breeder will not put it in a guarantee, or does not have it in a guarantee, there is probably a reason.

Why am I so hard on these breeders…

1. I see so many clients, desperate for a puppy, any puppy, the will buy the $800 puppy, and it has Allopecia

breeders makes it right , replaces it with a 1/2 puppy ,

new puppy is sick also, didn’t see that one coming….

2. So many clients call me same story, same group of breeders,

they just keep taking your money , giving you sick dogs.

3. If it is not in your Health Guarantee, they will not cover it,

and then you have to travel to their state, return said dog, you already fell in love with

and who is out?  Breeders count on you no doing this… They bank on it.

I see it almost every week.

This is why I only recommend a few breeders, and will only list a few dogs on consignment here,

the lines are clean, and I trust the breeders.