Vaccinations Policy

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Vaccinations Policy

We give the puppies their first vaccinations at

3 weeks of age.
The first shot is Parvo only, Neo-Par.
(Neo Par is the safest and most effective parvo vaccine for puppies.
It is a modified live vaccine containing a high antigenic mass of a highly
immunogenic strain of canine parvo.)
Neo Par overrides moderate to high antibody levels such as maternal
antibodies or from pre-existing vaccination.

High levels of IgM and IgG antibodies are generated in puppies.

(Safe in puppies 3 weeks of age or older.)

6 & 8 weeks we give Duramune Max 5 – CVK


(Protects against canine distemper, canine hepatitis,
respiratory disease caused by adenovirus type 2, canine corona virus,
canine parainfluenza and canine parvovirus.) 

At 7 weeks and 9 weeks ,
if your puppy is still here you puppy will receive de-wormer.

The puppies go to their new homes at 8-12 weeks old with a health/shot record.
Follow up shots need to be given at 

10 weeks,
12 weeks
14 weeks old.
Puppies here after 12 weeks
will receive a rabies vaccination prior to leaving
Please write it on your calendar! It’s critical get the proper shots.

We worm your puppy here ,
and suggest your vet to worm your puppy as well.
If you live in a warm climate,
you most likely will be suggested heart worm medication for your new puppy and a

heart worm test performed.
Rabies should be given between 3-6 months old.

If your puppy is traveling by airline and is 12 weeks of age or older,
a rabies shot will be required by law, by most states
In addition to providing the best possible environment and stimulus
for the puppies first 8-9 weeks, we continue to be available for any questions
the you might have regarding training the puppy and/or problems that might arise.

(Please call with questions as it is an

easier way to communicate!)



Jennifer Mason

This is just as important to us as breeding and raising our puppies.

We are here to answer ANY questions you may have