Stud Services

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Stud Services


Our males are available for services to approved females.
You are welcome to bring your female to our kennel,
ship your female to our kennel,
or Artificial Insemination.
If your female does not have current
Brucellosis test
A.I. will have to be preformed,
we can assist you with the process, as
we do A. I. our females on occasion.



Want to Breed Down your Lines?

We  can offer A.I. ,
in the event your female is quite larger than our males and you are looking
for a breeding down program,
as most breeders whom contact are interested in.
Since we have 32 years of small lines in our backgrounds
we are one of the few kennels that can take a 12 lb female and breed it to
one of our males and get Tiny Tots in a litter.
See to do this you have to have the lineage, and we have just this,
proven with breeding our males to other lines ,
we have accomplished just this.
If you are looking to breed down your lines , we can help.
For more information and agreements please click on our
Stud Contractfor more information.

 If you are interested in our males contact us for more information

Jennifer Mason

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